• The Pawn Package

    $650.00 CAD

    Seats are available for this semester

    Semester Dates: November 5th - 29th 2017

    Package Type: Basic

    This package will guide you from the very beginning of your learning experience to being able to consistently trade Forex products.

    See full curriculum below.

    Package Details

    The pawn program will guide you through all the basics of the foreign exchange markets. The four classes will be released instantly upon purchase as will the reading material. The first two classes will be covering all the theory necessary to understand markets. Once those two classes are completed you will then watch our instructors go through charting markets and teaching you how to avoid some of the main traps traders succumb to.

    All video classes will be available to be viewed for a total of two months time after your first day of class. This gives you the chance to watch, learn and review at your own pace. The module notes are always accessible to you from the client portal on site. Once you’ve marked everything complete you will have access to a certificate of completion from within the client portal.


    Recorded Modules

    You have access to a replay of our course. For the pawn package, this is a completely pre-recorded class. For our Knight and King packages this is a replay of the exact class you attended in.


    Written Modules

    This includes “Cheat sheet” compact notes and our full “Module notes” for you to review before and after class. This is unlocked the day before your class and remains unlocked afterwards to be reviewed at your convenience.


    Access to Client Portal

    This is your own personal customizable account within our site. You can follow your progress, read modules, and print your certificate of completion. We are also adding easy to access links and rebates which may be beneficial to your development.


    Access to slack

    You get access to our slack messaging group. Slack is platform we use to give you updates on your current program, give and receive homework assignments and keep you in touch with pertinent market information.


    Mastermind Slack

    This is a slack group which we offer all our trade ideas and setups. We have Trade ideas in development and trade ideas completed. This is where we can show you what we do to prepare trades or watch out for high risk scenarios. All King package members get lifetime access to this slack channel.


    Homework Assignments

    We will assign homework assignments, go over them and apply any corrections necessary. We will also go over some of these assignments in class so that you may understand different ways of charting from different students.


    Group Tutoring Sessions

    We offer group tutoring sessions to cover all questions pertaining to trading and psychology. These classes will be held monthly, you will be able to join and view the replay if you did not attend.


    King Slack Channel

    This is a premium channel for all our king package members. We offer you your own private channel to discuss between your peers. Here you will be able to share ideas and talk about opportunities. We are also part of the king channel and will be communicating with your directly.


    1 on 1 Mentoring

    We offer packages of hours for one on one mentoring. If you feel you need a little extra time with one of our educators you can purchase this in the store. King Package Members get 6 hours of mentoring with their subscription.


    Module 1 : Basic Market Knowledge

    The basic building blocks as well as key terminology and theories that will make a foundation for further trading knowledge. Included module topics:

    • What is Forex Trading
    • Types of Markets
    • Currency Pairings
    • Brokers, Leverage, Spread
    • Time Frames
    • Candlestick Analysis


    Module 2: Macro Economic Data & Events

    This will explain topics such as central banks, monetary policies, significant news events and the difference between soft and impactful data. Included module topics:

    • Central Banks
    • Monetary Policies & Mandates
    • Significant News Events


    Module 3: Market Levels

    Functionalities of core technical analysis using price support/resistance and how to integrate multiple time frames for high probability opportunities. Included module topics:

    • Support & Resistance Trading Strategies
    • Long Term vs. Short Term Levels
    • How to Identify Significant Levels


    Module 4: Trends & Fibonacci

    Learn how to recognize trending markets using structure and Fibonacci retracements/extensions for optimal trading areas. Included module topics:

    • Directions of The Market
    • How to Trade Different Market Direction
    • How to Identify Direction
    • Trading Using Fibonacci Levels (Retracements vs Extensions)
    • High Probability Fibonacci Trading


    Module 5: Market Psychology / Risk Reward

    Understanding risk management strategies that provide consistent growth, optimal entries/exits trades and managing profits/losses. Included module topics:

    • Understanding Value in Price Action
    • Risk Management
    • Risk / Reward
    • How to Deal with Market Gains & Losses


    Module 6: Advanced Strategies

    What to expect when trading a live account as well as mixing all aspects of technical/fundamental analysis to create a master strategy. Included module topics:

    • What to Expect Once Trading a Live Account
    • Combining Different Strategies & Techniques
    • Spotting High Probability Trade Setups


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